Record of Employment

A Record of Employment (ROE) is used by Service Canada to determine whether an individual qualifies for Employment Insurance benefits, what the benefit rate will be, and the duration of the employee’s claim.

A Record of Employment is commonly requested by an employee when they go on leave from the university.If you require a Record of Employment, please submit a Workday support request through the UBC Self Service Portal (CWL required):

  1. Select "Request a Service"
  2. Select "Workday Support"
  3. Fill in the form, choosing "Payroll" as the issue category, and "Record of Employment" as the issue subcategory.

If you are going on a leave of absence, your Record of Employment should be automatically generated and uploaded to ROE web at Service Canada as part of your going on leave activities. When you log into your Service Canada account, you will be able to view any Records of Employment on file.