Submitting Faculty Waivers

Tuition waivers for Faculty are submitted through the UBC Faculty and Staff Self Service portal at

You will find them in the MyBenefits section - specifically "Tuition Waivers - Faculty". Once you have followed that link, the steps are: ​

Step 1: Click the 'Faculty Tuition Waiver Request' link


Step 2: Click the 'Add New Waiver' tab


Step 3: Fill out the required fields. If you are taking a graduate program, you must obtain the permission of the Academic Head of your unit (Head or Dean).

  • Print the waiver.
  • Have your Academic Head sign it.
  • Send the printed form to Faculty Relations.
  • Your waiver will be held for approval until it is received.

The following text will appear as part of the waiver when the graduate programs are selected.


Step 4: Once you submit your waiver, you'll see the following

Step 5: Click the ‘Balance Information’ button. This displays waivers submitted and their status. Approved waivers are sent to Enrolment Services on your behalf. Pending waivers will be manually reviewed.