Cancelling Staff Waivers

Once you have submitted a staff tuition waiver through, you can cancel it if you have dropped your course or withdrawn from credit courses.

Non-credit courses—UBC Extended Learning and Sauder Continuing Business Studies

You must cancel your enrolment by contacting UBC Extended Learning and Sauder Continuing Business Studies. Payroll then will be notified to cancel the waiver. You may need to pay a cancellation fee.

Credit Courses

Step 1: Click the 'Staff Tuition Waiver Request' link


Step 2: Enter your waiver number in the 'Find an Existing Waiver' tab (or leave blank). Click 'Search'.


Step 3: Click the 'Cancel TW' button. There is a limit to when you can cancel a waiver online. If you are unable to cancel your waiver, please contact payroll.


Step 4: Your waiver has been cancelled. Click the 'Balance Information' button if you want to see the status.