Medical Services Plan

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers standard ward hospital accommodation and related hospital services, the cost of medically required services of physicians and surgeons, and dental or oral surgery costs when medically required to be performed in a hospital.

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Making Changes to your Coverage

UBC acts as an intermediary for MSP in the collection and payment of premiums. Virtually all actions affecting your coverage must be sent through Payroll, or MSP will not accept them. This includes:

  • adding or dropping dependents
  • maintaining student dependents over the age of 19
  • renewed work visas.

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Making Claims

Doctors will normally bill MSP directly. All out-of-country claims should be submitted to Sun Life directly (using an Extended Health Care claim form). Sun Life will coordinate the claim with MSP on your behalf.

MSP for New British Columbia Residents

The MSP waiting period before basic medical coverage begins is generally 3 months for new residents. New residents during that period, and those individuals who are not eligible for MSP due to MSP’s residency requirements, are required to buy private medical coverage. UBC’s private medical coverage—the DCIS Global Campus Plan for Faculty and Staff—is provided through David Cummings Insurance Services Ltd (DCIS). For information and applications for this plan, visit Human Resources.

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Newborn/Adoption Enrolment

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To inquire about whether you are enrolled in MSP, or other issues, please contact your benefits representative