Access Tax Documents (T4/T4A)

UBC issues tax slips online as PDFs that faculty, staff, and student employees can download through Workday.

These are identical to the printed form and are accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when filing your taxes. T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid and payroll-related T4A tax slips are made available for faculty and staff by February 28 each year.

Detailed instructions on accessing tax documents in Workday are available in the Find my T4 article in the Workday Knowledge Base (CWL required).

Log into Workday

If you have questions about the information on your T4 or T4A slip, please submit a Workday support request using the Payroll category through the UBC Self Service Portal (CWL required). Answers to some common questions about T4 and T4A slips are available on the T4/T4A FAQ page.

If you have other questions about your personal taxes, please contact a tax professional or refer to the CRA website for more information.

Please note that pay slips and tax slips prior to November 2020 are no longer available. Visit your MyAccount with the Canada Revenue Agency to obtain your tax slip information.

Former Employees

Former UBC employees can access their tax slips through Workday using their existing CWL for 18 months after leaving UBC. Use the Find my T4 article in the Workday Knowledge Base for further details (CWL required).

Former employees can also access online tax slips from the CRA website and set up access to online services through My Service Canada Account. CRA will provide copies of your T4s or T4As from previous years.