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Q: Can I extend an employee on the same Change form when I make changes?

When performing a change (such as a change in salary or change in funding source) you cannot also extend the employee on the Change form. A Hire form must be used to extend the appointment.

Q: Can I use multiple funding sources for work study appointments?

Only one P/G can be charged for these types of appointments. ePAF does not check for this, but the Work Study approver will recycle forms back to you if you submit more than one funding source.

Q: Do I have to file a tax return if I am a student?

Even if you have no income, you should still file your income tax and benefit return. As a student, you might be eligible for many credits, deductions, and benefits. You must file your tax return to get them. 

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Q: How can I save an ePAF form and complete it later?

"Save for Later" should only be used when you are interrupted when filling a form. Do not save forms if they have been recycled to you - there is a bug that causes them to go into limbo and they cannot be retrieved. Also, please do not leave Saved forms lingering in the system.

Q: How can I see my ePAFs?

To view ePAFs (either in progress or completed), go to View and ePAF and enter the employee ID.

Q: How can I submit a change in ePAF for an employee who has been terminated?

Change Forms cannot be done on terminated employees. If you need to make a retroactive change to a terminated employee, then paper must be used.

Q: How can I transfer an employee out of my department?

The department the employee is leaving must use a paper Transfer and Severance, as there is no way to route the sick and vacation balances to the new department. The hiring department will generally be doing the hire through eRecruit, not ePAF.

Q: How do I contact Payroll?

If you have additional questions or concerns contact your payroll service representative. To facilitate a response to your query please have your T4 and/or T4A, as well as your final December pay stub available.

Q: How do I get help filing my tax return?

The Canada Revenue Agency can help you if you're having a tough time filing your income tax return. If you are a student, senior, person with a disability, a newcomer to Canada, or a low-income earner with a simple tax-filing situation, you can contact the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) at: 1-800-959-8281 to ask for help. CVITP volunteers work with members of local community organizations who can help you complete and file your return.

Visit the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

Q: What do I do if I can't log in to Self Service?

You need VPN if connecting from home or with a wireless connection. If you are accessing for the very first time, you must attach your employee ID to your CWL. You will also need your PIN – a 4-digit security code generated when your employee ID is assigned.  The HR administrator in your department can tell you your PIN. If you are a former employee: an employee's access is permanently removed 18 months after leaving UBC, and cannot be reactivated.