Indigenous Finance Guidelines

The Indigenous Finance Guidelines have been created to promote payment parity across UBC for Indigenous partners and to ensure their payments are processed in a timely manner.

What are the Indigenous Finance Guidelines? 

The Guidelines review current payment practices at UBC and highlight some of the disparities in standard processes for the disbursement of funds to Indigenous partners. The Guidelines also describe the alternative, flexible payment process piloted by IRSI and conclude with a recommended financial process for wider adoption at UBC — including a table of payment guidelines for respectful engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

How were the Indigenous Finance Guidelines developed?

The Guidelines have been developed in collaboration with Accounts Payable, Treasury, and the Indigenous Research Support Initiative (VP Research and Innovation). During the creation of this guide, numerous advisory groups, units, and portfolios at UBC have been consulted, including the Indigenous Strategic Plan Executive Advisory Committee, the Indigenous Strategic Plan Implementation Committee, and the Indigenous Advisory Committee (to the Indigenous Research Support Initiative).

Additionally, the Guidelines have been generously supported by various Indigenous Elders and the Elders Circle from Vancouver Coastal Health.

Review the UBC Indigenous Finance Guidelines