Procurement Modernization

Simplifying the way UBC buys and pays for goods and services.

In the fall of 2016 UBC embarked on a project to modernize the University's procurement processes by addressing current issues and catching up with leading practices. The project is ongoing, and it is led by Financial Operations in collaboration with faculties and administrative units across the University.

What Has Happened So Far?

As part of the Procurement Modernization project, Financial Operations has collaborated with faculty and administrative unit representatives from across the University to review existing systems and design and implement changes to improve procurement processes, guidelines, and procedures, including:

  • Reducing multiple paper-based purchase requisition forms by transitioning to one electronic form with online approval
  • Reducing backlogs and implementing process improvements to reduce turnaround times by more than 50%
  • Creating an enhanced Reference Guide for Services, including a streamlined HR Fast Track Assessment (Employee vs. Contractor)
  • Creating an enhanced Online Payment Tool (OPT) performance, including improved usability, training, and support for Travel & Expense
  • Implementing Auto PO close and changing the limit required for competitive tender from $50k to $75k
  • Developing a new vendor website to provide information on doing business with UBC

For more information on each of the improvements, including what’s changing, why, and what you need to do differently, please refer to the Fact Sheet.

What is Happening Now?

Financial Operations is working with targeted faculties and administrative units to implement a new Service Delivery Model (SDM) that will provide more strategic and value-added services across the university.

Supply Management & Financial Operations Reorganization

To align with the Procurement Modernization project, and to improve customer service and enhance value, our Supply Management and Financial Operations department has been reorganized. Reporting to Shelly Morrison, Director, Supply Management and Financial Operations, the department now consists of four teams and a newly created role of Strategic Project Lead. The four teams are: Accounts Payable, Customer Support, Procurement Services and Strategic Sourcing (refer to OrgChart).

For more information on this reorganization, including the new organization chart, the benefits, roles and objectives of each team, go to: Supply Management & Financial Operations Realignment.