GreenField Ethanol Inc.

GreenField Ethanol Inc. is Canada’s largest ethanol company, also known as Commercial Alcohols. 

GreenField's vision and values leverages its experience in commercial alcohols and grain ethanol to develop a vibrant and sustainable cellulosic ethanol business.

All purchases of controlled substances require a Purchase Order (PO).  Complete a Purchase Requisition Form to obtain a Purchase Order.

Before a PO can be provided for alcohol (ethanol/ethyl alcohol), the following information must be indicated on the purchase requisition:

  • Type of Alcohol: 95%, 100%, or denatured
  • Quantity: only available in - drum (210L), pail (25L) or Case 4x4 (16L)
  • License number: 52-URG-XXX.  This number is issued from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Excise Duty, Pacific Region) and serves two purposes:  
    • As authority to defer the payment of excise duty at the time of importation
    • To identify the physical location where imported goods are to be received where the destination is other than the primary premises of the importer of record 

All persons/labs/departments who purchase ethyl alcohol must keep usage records and send them semi-annually (January to June and July to December) to Financial Operations.

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