Audio Visual Suppliers and Contractors

The project team has completed their evaluations on the Audio Visual Suppliers and Contractors project and has prequalified the following vendors:

Vendor Name Integration and supply vendor list Supply only vendor list
Applied Electronics Limited yes  
AVI-SPL Canada Inc yes  
CONTI Electronics Ltd n/a yes
Genesis Integration yes  
Houle Electric Limited yes  
Matrix Video Communications Corp. yes  
Paladin Technologies Inc. yes  
PJS Systems Inc. yes  

Please refer to RFX# 2019010251 - Pre-Qualification of Audio Visual Suppliers and Contractors, when engaging their services.

Optional year extensions are available at the discretion of the University by act of a Written Change Order amending the contract term.

For any inquiries about AV projects or the pre-qualified AV IT vendor list, please reach out to the UBC ITAV team by email at

Supplier Category: 
Cellular & Communications