Travel expenses must be reconciled on a regular basis. Learn about the different tools one can use to reconcile expenses on a credit card. 

Reconcile UBC VISA Travel Expenses

Travel expenses incurred on UBC VISA, must be reconciled using the Online Payment Tool. Learn more about reconciling UBC VISA Card for travel.

Reconcile UBC AMEX Travel Expenses

To reconcile UBC AMEX travel expenses please use Travel Requisition. UBC will pay AMEX directly of all eligible travel expenses when the required form is:

  • completed
  • authorized and
  • submitted

Credit card late fees

  • Record pre-paid airfare (Travel Advance) payable to AMEX to account code 161000 in the FMS system. This will avoid credit card late fees on airline tickets that are paid more than 30 days in advance of the travel date, and will meet Tri-Agency requirements.

Reimburse out of pocket, personal credit card travel expenses

  • UBC does not recommend the use of personal credit cards for the payment of UBC related travel. If a personal credit card was used for travel, expenses can only be reimbursed after all travel is completed and all expense receipts are available.

There are two ways to get reimbursement for out of pocket travel expenses:

Meal Per Diems

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