​Quote Standards

Last updated: October 26, 2023

Guidelines on this page are provided to promote timely response and efficiency in the quotation process.

UBC encourages suppliers to follow them when submitting a quote to their UBC contact.

  • Quotes should only be submitted when requested by a UBC representative and should be submitted directly back to that UBC representative.
  • Email quotes are only recognized if important quote checklist fields are provided (see checklist below for guidance).
  • The author of a quote submission email must have the full authority from the company to provide the scope and pricing details included.

Note: Submission of a quote does NOT establish a commitment from UBC to purchase the goods or engage the services. UBC will advise of its intent to purchase the goods or services through issuance of a Purchase Order.

The table below separates quote requirements into Header, Body and Footer sections. Although a similar format is preferred, the layout of the quote does not need to match, as long as all of the information is included. 

For timely payment ensure the invoice matches the quote.

Quote Header

Letterhead It is the heading at the top of a quotation. It should consist of a supplier logo or corporate design.
Title “Quotation / Quote” term clearly written towards the top of the page.
Full Legal Business Name The name of the entity that appears on all official documents or legal papers. 
Business Address The address where the company is located.
Payment Remittance To Indicate if the payment remittance name and address is different from the business name and address. 
Contact It should contain: contact name, position, phone and email.
Quote Date The date when the quote was issued.
Quote Expiration Date The date after which the quoted price is no longer enforceable.
Quote # A unique number for a quote.
Quote Currency Supplier quote currency (e.g.: CAD, USD, Euro).
GST/PST/HST # Supplier to provide GST / PST / HST #, if applicable. 
Business Registration # The nine-digit number assigned to a business, incorporated company or society by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 
Quote to UBC Department or Faculty contact name, address, phone and email for quote receipt. 

Quote Body

Payment Terms Quote should read “net 30 days,” UBC standard payment terms.
Shipping Terms* Quote should indicate relevant Incoterms. Unless otherwise specified, all deliveries of Goods will be made on terms "DDP" (Delivered Duty Paid to a named place of destination).
Warranty Terms* Outline any assurances for repair or replacement of goods if defects are identified within a defined period of time. 
Item/Part # ID # used internally by supplier to identify an item or service.
Description of goods/services Short description of item the goods/services quoted.
Item Unit of Measurement (UoM) Standard unit or system of units, by which a quantity is accounted for and expressed.
Item Quantity Identifies the goods quantity or service hours.
Unit Price Cost per unit, or hourly rate (if Service Price Model is Time & Materials).
Unit Discount*

A reduction from a regular or list price for goods (e.g. education discount, promotions, CFI, etc.). CFI and Educational discounts should be calculated by good line item. 

Please note, lump sum amount with percentage discounts are not acceptable.

Total Amount for Individual Item = Item quantity x (Unit price – Individual item discount).

Quote Footer

Electrical Certification* Indicate whether the equipment is permitted to be used in Canada, if applicable. 
Installation & Training Fees*

The amount quoted for providing installation and training.

For non-residents performing services in Canada, please note a 15% withholding tax applies. Visit the CRA website for guidelines on how to apply for a waiver. Access to the waiver application is available here

Total Discount Total discount for the entire sales order.
Shipping & Handling Fees* The amount quoted for transporting and handling the goods.
Total Amount Before Tax Total amount prior to tax.
Sales Tax Amount Total tax amount calculated based on applicable taxes (GST/PST/HST).
Total Amount After Tax Sum of “total amount before tax” and “tax amount.”

*Applicable only when purchasing  goods