Roles & Responsibilities

Understand the varying functions between Research Finance, the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the University Industry Liaison Office (UILO) in relation to research management issues.

ORS and UILO ensure pre-award compliance is met and assist in setting up the research project/grant (PG). After set up, Research Finance is responsible for its financial administration for the remainder of the project/grant's life cycle.

Roles & Responsibilities

Researcher Responsibilities

Once the PG is opened, the researcher is responsible for:

  • Following agency policies and guidelines on the use of funds in the PG.
  • Authorizing and reviewing expenditures posted to the PG.
  • Providing technical progress reports to agencies as required on a timely basis.
  • Reviewing and notifying the ORS or UILO of any budget discrepancies in their PG.
  • Reviewing and notifying Research Finance of any revenue or expense discrepancies in their PG.
  • Adhering to UBC Policy with respect to research, (i.e. ensure grant is not overspent, ethics certificate in place, etc).
  • Notifying the granting agency and ORS of any change in academic status.
  • Notifying Research Finance when research is complete and to authorize the close out of the PG (unless unused funds are being returned to the granting agency, the balance of the PG should be zero).