UBC Bookstore

Owned and operated by UBC, the UBC Bookstore supports students, staff, faculty and the wider UBC community by providing innovative products and services, promoting community and building school spirit.

Key goods and services

  • Supports students and faculty by providing course materials in all formats
  • Offers a wide selection of clothing, student and office supplies, giftware, and tech items with free delivery on campus(except to residences)
  • Runs a Corner Store which offers food and beverages from local and independent suppliers
  • Provides a custom-order service that can customize everything from clothing to office supplies

Key benefits

  • Operates as a non-profit organization, donating any revenue back to the university
  • Donates thousands of dollars to student organizations, clubs and events on campus
  • Is the official supplier of all UBC and Thunderbird branded merchandise
  • Can provide reduced costs for custom order office supplies, including those that are UBC and Faculty branded”

Contact infomation

UBC Bookstore – Point Grey Campus
Phone: 604-822-2665 
UBC Bookstore – Okanagan Campus
Phone: 604-807-9246