Rogers Communications

Last updated: November 2, 2023

Rogers Communications is UBC's Wireless provider.

In 2021, Rogers and UBC renewed a three-year, multi-million dollar 5G partnership built with UBC research talent and capacity which leverages the university‘s experience in utilizing its campus as a living lab to emulate a real-world environment with real data. This open and collaborative nature of the partnership has generated a number of exciting projects that address both the fundamentals of 5G and the development of new 5G applications, in a new model for university-industry partnerships.

Key services

In addition to this exciting partnership, Rogers offers a wide range of business-grade wireless services for employees at UBC, including:

  • Specialized pricing for corporate wireless plans and devices
  • Data plans for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • IoT Solutions
  • Asset and Vehicle Optimization
  • Private networks for IoT and 5G-related research projects
  • Cable and Internet
  • Telephone and MS Teams

For more information, contact your Rogers representative, Nicole Cohen at

Key benefits

  1. Mobile Plans
    • Subsidized Plan: 25GB 5G network data 36 month term
      • Options for no data overage (throttles after 25GB) or pooled data
      • Device Subsidy Model
      • Credits available for renewals and new line activations 24 and 36 months
      • Unlimited NA calling (from Canada)
      • Unlimited US and INTL text (from Canada)
      • Includes Roam Like Home
    • Unsubsidized/BYOD Plan: 25GB 5G network data 24 month term
      • no data overage / throttles after 25GB
      • Credits available
      • Unlimited NA calling (from Canada)
      • Unlimited US and INTL text (from Canada)
      • Includes Roam Like Home
  2. New IOT Connectivity Plans
  3. SIP Connectivity
  4. MS Teams Operator Connect and Teams Phone Mobile
  5. Rogers Preferred Program: Special rates available for all employees for personal paid accounts
Corporate Plans

Rogers offers competitive monthly plans and credits for new lines and renewals. See document attached on this page.

Employee Personal Plans

Rogers offers competitive offers for UBC employees for personal plans and accounts. For detailed information on Cellular Plans and Pricing, please visit the Online Ordering Portal. Access Key: GOV


Contract Term

The contract is valid from July 13, 2023 and will be renewed for consecutive month-to-month period unless UBC provides written notice of non-renewal or cancellation.

Contract Reference

2018 06 18 BCNET-Rogers Mobility MSA

How to Use the Agreement

The Requestor can contact the Account Executive identified below.

Contact information

For New Solution or Account Information:
Nicole Cohen
Account Executive
Tel.: 604-318-5871

For Billing Inquiries, Service Changes, General Questions:
Dedicated Enterprise Customer Service Team – Kevin Boal and Florence Tsang

Phone: 1-877-274-3375 (Option 2) x55803 Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Please make all service and financially based change requests via email.

Rogers Preferred Program for UBC Employees (personal accounts):
To see all offers, plans and to place orders visit your dedicated site:
Access Key: GOV

For dedicated support: 604-370-6777 or 1-888-238-7103

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