Computers and Home Internet

UBC purchased or reimbursed computers must be acquired through your unit’s IT support team or approved delegate, or through UBC Information Technology depending on your unit’s support arrangements.

Computer purchases must be provisioned in accordance with Information Systems Policy and associated guidelines and where applicable, must access negotiated preferred vendor rates from preapproved suppliers.

A UBC employee will generally be issued one computer or laptop for work purposes. If more than one is required, one administrative level higher pre-approval is required with appropriate justification. For the latest update on Computers and Home Internet, visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

Accessing UBC systems and storing UBC data

If accessing UBC systems and/or storing UBC data, all computer systems regardless of origin (e.g., purchased with UBC or personal funds, or donated) must be encrypted. If for some reason encryption is determined by IT staff to be impractical, arrangements must be made for the storage of Personal Information in a secure manner.

Current UBC enterprise systems are designed to work with most popular internet browsers on both Apple (Mac OS) and Windows operating systems. This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The version of browser supported depends on the application being accessed and in older applications, an older browser version is typically required. UBC IT has recommendations and best pricing on systems that are known to work best in our environment.

Computer Hardware

All computer hardware purchased with UBC funds remains the property of the University and any disposal or removal of equipment prior to the end of its useful life at UBC may require compensatory payment. Disposal should follow UBC guidelines, ensure the appropriate protection of university data, and follow best practices for environmentally sustainable disposal methods.

Faculty PD Funds

Faculty PD funds is another eligible source of funding that can be used to purchase computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Reimbursing Home Internet Services

Home internet services are only reimbursable by the University in the following circumstances:

  • If pre-approved by one administrative level higher and should only apply if the employee is required to be on-call outside of office hours on a regular basis, or
  • When faculty members use their Faculty PD funds.

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