AMS/GSS Health Plan

The AMS/GSS health and dental plan is one of the services students are charged for. There is the option to opt out.

UBC employees and their dependents usually have extended health and dental coverage as an employee benefit. Learn more about the plan at

Options for UBC Employees and Dependents

UBC employees or Dependents of UBC employees who are also students can choose one of two options:

  1. The student may keep their AMS/GSS plan and combine its benefits with your existing plan to achieve higher overall coverage and reduce out-of-pocket costs.
  2. If you already have extended health and dental coverage, you may choose to opt out of the plan.

Opting Out of the Plan

You can opt out of the plan online or in person.

  • To opt out online, the student should visit Follow the on-screen instructions to log in. The student will need to provide their student ID number and your date of birth. Once you have accessed the system, enter “UBC staff” in all fields provided. This process allows you to opt out without providing proof of coverage.
  • For in-person opt-outs, go to the Health & Dental Plan Office (SUB Lower Level, Room 61).

Deadlines for enrolments and opt-outs

To ensure a quick processing of your request, it is recommended that you submit your opt-out or enrolment at the beginning of the Change-of-Coverage Period.

No opt outs or enrolments can be processed after the deadline. If you have any questions or comments about the plan, visit, contact at 1 877 795-4421, or go to the Health & Dental Plan office (SUB Lower Level, Room 61). All inquiries are treated with complete confidentiality.