Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific provides the right combination of laboratory products, processes, people, and continuous savings to support scientific research and learning at UBC.

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Key goods and services

  • Laboratory supplies
  • General lab supplies – glassware, plasticware, pipettes
  • Chemicals – organic, inorganic, anhydrous, fine
  • Safety supplies – gloves, goggles, safety cabinets, spill kits
  • Life Science supplies – kits, reagents, antibodies
  • Lab Furniture – cabinets, casework, fume hoods, stools
  • Lab Equipment – incubators, cold storage, BSCs
  • Benchtop Equipment – balances, water baths, pH meters, centrifuges
  • Complex Equipment – plate readers, rotovaps, chromatography

Key benefits

  • Next-day delivery for orders of stocked items placed before 2pm
  • Waived hazardous and shipping fees
  • Special discounted pricing on the products you buy most
  • Easy online ordering, and access to to new products and promotions
  • New Lab Start-Up Program
  • Dedicated sales staff available for onsite visits
  • Integrated online ordering via Workday

Contact information

Ian Richmond
Senior Regional Manager BC/Manitoba
Mobile: 778-628-4867

Jagbir Bal
Safety Specialist
Mobile: 604-351-4205

Aaron MacDonald
Chemical Application Specialist
Mobile: (780) 224-1619

Samuel Chang
Life Science Specialist
Mobile: (604) 671-2191