List of Suppliers

When considering the purchase of services, it is recommended to reach out to UBC approved suppliers listed on these pages.

They are Approved Suppliers that have been awarded a contract by Financial Operations for use by all departments and faculties at UBC. These are some of the benefits you will receive when you use an approved supplier:

  • Saves time and effort as a competitive process (RFx) is not required when using these suppliers
  • Delivers best overall value to the University based on price, quality, and delivery capabilities, training and ease of ordering
  • Reduces contractual risks as UBC has the capability to better hold these vendors accountable for below standard service delivery
  • Favorable contractual terms and conditions
  • Establishes clear conflict resolution processes
  • Improves access to information

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Supplier Catalogues

Catalogues are an e-procurement solution that allows access to a supplier’s catalogue with pre-defined items and pricing. Similar to typical online shopping, Workday connects to a supplier site where a purchase can be made, adds items to a shopping cart, and brings them back into Workday to complete the transaction.

Using Catalogues in Workday

  • Users are able to access catalogues when creating a Workday requisition. 
  • Where purchase requisitions are under $10K (and in the Workday Catalogue), a Buyer review is not be required due to predetermined pricing and built-in controls. 
  • Where purchase requisitions are over $10K, Buyer review and approval is required.
  • Reports and dashboards related to spend and volume through the catalogues are available through Workday.
  • To add or remove a supplier to/from a catalogue on Workday, a project will be created to engage with the supplier, setup the catalogue and punchout process, and test prior to launching. To disable a catalogue, a similar process will be followed.
  • Orders can still be placed outside of the catalogue portal if this is preferred.
  • Procurement policy and thresholds remain the same.

For information on purchasing and paying for goods and services, please refer to the Categories and Suppliers page.

Currently available Supplier Catalogues in Workday

Additional UBC preferred vendors will be added in the future, depending on their capacity and ability to integrate with Workday.


  • Complete training on creating requisitions (UBC community) and approvals (leaders).
  • Review the catalogue component of Finance Foundations 301
  • Review the Submit Purchase Requisition – Catalogue article in the Workday Knowledge Base / UBC Self-Service Portal.
  • Review knowledge transfer materials and process maps.
  • The catalogue of Workday training courses is available in the Workplace Learning Ecosystem.
  • Contact the Integrated Service Centre if you need support or have questions.