A new supplier classification will be added on Workday  

Wednesday, August 02, 2023

As part of UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP) to implement an Indigenous procurement strategy that would prioritize goods and services from Indigenous businesses and vendors, UBC is introducing a new classification field in Workday that enables identification of Indigenous businesses and/or vendors.

The new classification field aims to improve supplier categorization and management as well as finance reporting at UBC.  

What is changing?  

As of August 3, we are piloting a checkbox in the supplier setup request form on Workday that enables identification as Indigenous businesses. Review and consultation are underway for operationalizing the management of this new supplier classification. As progress is made, we will provide additional information to the UBC community. 

What does our community need to do?   

At this time, no action is required from the community. Since the category is still in the pilot phase, users can choose to ignore this field during the supplier setup. While users have the option to select the checkbox, please note that no further action will be taken until after the consultation process. 

We appreciate your support as we work towards creating an inclusive procurement process that supports Indigenous businesses and vendors.