Interest Rates

Treasury's internal bank calculates and provides internal interest rates for UBC that FMS applies to credit and deficit balances outstanding on PG’s and Fund codes designated “Interest Allocating”.

These rates are updated monthly. Average Rates for Interest Allocating Accounts as of January 2020.

  Costs of Borrowing Amounts on Deposit Capital Projects
06-Jan-2020 2.95% 0.12% 2.50%
13-Jan-2020 2.95% 0.12% 2.50%
20-Jan-2020 2.95% 0.12% 2.50%
27-Jan-2020 2.95% 0.12% 2.50%
Average 2.95% p.a. 0.12% p.a. 2.50% p.a.

 Reference to Prime Rate