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Relocation Reimbursement
Faculty members and senior management staff may be eligible to receive relocation funding as outlined in Relocation Policy #82. Please review UBC HR Relocation site for detailed information and forms.
Replacement Payroll Payment Request
Please use this form if you are requesting a cheque replacement due to original cheque has been lost or undelivered.
Request for New Merchant Account/POS Device
Use this form to request new merchant account, HSBC virtual account, new, additional or replacement POS devices.
Request to Cancel Merchant Account/Return Equipment
Use this form to close a merchant account and/or return POS device.
Requisition for Payment (QReq)
Use this paper-based form for payments or reimbursements of less than $3,500 CAD inclusive of taxes.
Research Travel Claim Form
Use this form as a backup to the Travel Requisition Form to process travel related transactions to capture relevant information for non-UBC traveller and to comply with Tri-Agency guidelines.
Retroactive Purchase Form
Fill this form if your purchase is above $3,500 CAD and the purchase or commitment was made to a third party without ensuring an approved written contract in place before commencement of work.
Sales Receipt
Use this form to record receipts of funds for your surplus material or equipment.
Service Requisition Form
Use this form if you are purchasing services. Please review the Reference Guide - Determining, Hiring and Paying for Services (pdf) prior to filling out your form.
Shadow Salary Appointment Form
Use this form in instances where a Faculty member's core funding is being temporarily covered by another source and you wish to maintain the budget slot. You will be redirected to HR Faculty Relations Form page to access the form.