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Faculty Enrolment for Income Replacement
Submit this form to Payroll to apply for the Income Replacement Plan coverage if you did not enrol when you were hired, or if your eligibility has changed. You will be redirected to HR Benefits page to access the form.
Faculty Honoraria Lump Sum Form
Submit this form to Payroll to pay a faculty member for extra work or duties outside of their normal job requirements. You will be redirected to HR Faculty Relations Form page to access the form.
FIA 3rd Party Travel Expense Form
Fill out this form if you paid travelling expenses for a 3rd party non-UBC traveller.
FMS Access Request for Data Entry or Reviewer
This form is only for those who need to perform data entry or reviewer duties in FMS Live. Training is required prior to access.
FMS Live Access Request
Fill out this form to get access to FMS live and perform specific FMS roles within the system.
FMS nQuery Access Request
Fill out this form to gain access to FMS nQuery to perform tasks such as processing online cash receipts, run general ledger reports and access the SmartForms application.
FMS nQuery Security Administrator Application
Use this form if you are a department security administrator and need to manage your departmental access to PGs.
Hyperion Access Request
Use this form to request new access or update an acess to Hyperion.
Inactivation Request for Research & Specific Purpose PG
Request inactivation of a Research or Specific Purpose Project/Grant.
Independent Contractor vs. Employee Form
Use this assessment tool to determine if individual is an employee or an independent contractor. Link will download an Excel file from the HR website.