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Journal Voucher Form
Use the Journal Voucher (JV) form to record internal transactions within or in between UBC departments.
Leave of Absence Form
Submit this form to HR when a faculty member is taking a leave. Please note that Staff leaves should be submitted through ePAF. You will be redirected to HR Faculty Relations Form page to access the form.
Make changes to Extended Health Coverage
Submit this form to Payroll if you need to make changes to your Extended Health coverage. You will be redirected to HR Benefits page to access the form.
Missing Receipt Form
Fill out this form when your original receipts have been lost, misplaced or stolen and you need to submit an expense reimbursement request.
Newborn or Adopted Child Enrollment
Submit this form to Payroll if you wish to register a new child to be covered under your benefits plan. You will be redirected to HR Benefits page to access the form.
Non-Research PG Inactivation Request
Use this form to inactivate Project/Grant (PG) - Non-Research Only.
Operating Fund Planned Adjustment Form
For forecasting and budgeting purposes throughout the year use this form to help you with planning.
OPT Financial Officer Setup Request
Please fill out this form if you are requesting a setup or change in OPT for a Financial Officer role.
Opt Out of AMS Health Plan
Dependents of UBC Staff are typically covered by their parents' UBC benefits coverage, and may wish to cancel the coverage mandated for students by the AMS. Learn more how to oupt out of the plan and access the required forms.
Optional Life Insurance for Faculty and Staff
Submit the appropriate form based on your employee group to apply for additional life insurance coverage. You will be redirected to HR Benefits page to access the forms.