UBC Credit Card Programs - Top Questions

Do you have or need a UBC Credit Card? Here are the answers to the most common questions relating to the credit card program at UBC. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact the Customer Support Centre.

What credit cards are available at UBC and how do I apply for a card?

At UBC, there are three options for paying for goods and services below $3,500 CAD with a credit card:

Detailed information on each card program can be found here. Once you have identified which card is suitable for your purchasing needs, you can apply for the card(s) using the forms provided.

What are the Credit Card limits for my UBC VISA and how do I request an increase?

Depending on the type of card you currently hold, the monthly card limits are as follows:

Individual Card

  • Goods and Services per transaction limit: $3,500
  • Card Limit: $15,000
  • Goods, Services, Travel* per Transaction Limit: $3,500, Card Limit: $35,000
  • Gas per Transaction Limit: $250, Card Limit: $2,500

* The per transaction limit for travel purchases is $15,000.

Department Card

  • Card Limit $35,000
  • Goods and Services per Transaction Limit: $3,500
  • Travel Per Transaction Limit: No limit

Fill out the UBC VISA Card Change Request Form if you require changes to the card (i.e. limit increase). The change request is subject to approval by Financial Operations.

Can I use the same UBC VISA card if I change departments?

The UBC VISA card is specific to a department. If you change departments, please fill out the UBC VISA Card Change Request Form with the authorized approver’s signatures in your new department.

How do I report a lost/stolen card or fraudulent transactions for my UBC VISA?

From within Canada or the USA, contact the Scotiabank Commercial Card Service Centre at 1-888-823-9657. If outside North America, call collect at (+1)-416-750-6138. This information can also be found on the back of your card. Scotiabank representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once Scotiabank has been notified, the cardholder must report also report this information to UBC Financial Operations, and a replacement card will be issued.

How do I cancel or suspend my UBC VISA card?

To cancel your UBC VISA card, please fill out the UBC VISA Card Change Request form.