Procurement - Top Questions

We have compiled the top five most common questions asked on Procurement. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact the Customer Support Centre.

How can I add a new vendor at UBC?

UBC selects vendors through a transparent and non-discriminatory practice, in compliance with Canada’s competitive tendering laws and trade agreements.

Please visit our Doing Business with UBC page for further information.

How do I complete the eProcurement form?

The eProcurement form is an electronic form for requisitions and change orders that is approved electronically. Please review our comprehensive Reference guide if you need help completing the electronic form.

eProcurement Form Reference Guide (PDF)

How do I submit invoices for purchases above $3,500 CAD?

If your invoice amount is over $3,500 CAD please follow the guidelines outlined on the Pay section of our website.

How to pay for an invoice above $3,500 CAD

What if I need to make a change on an existing Purchase Order (PO)?

Changes to an existing PO can be requested, if what was ordered is different than what was created on the original PO (including items, term, quantity, dollar amount, date of financial information). If a PO has been closed then a change cannot be requested.

Please review the Purchase Order Process section on our website for further information.

Where do I find information on the Competitive Tender Process (RFX)

Purchases above $75,000 CAD require a competitive tender process to ensure that the procurement of goods, services, and construction works is fair, equitable, transparent, and competitive.

Review the Competitive Tender Process