Online Payment Tool - Top Questions

These are the top five questions about UBC's Online Payment Tool, or OPT. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact the Customer Support Centre.

How can I get help or support with the Online Payment Tool (OPT)?

Contact your Internal Departmental OPT Resources, such as your department’s finance team or administrator for first line support. If unresolved, contact the OPT Help Desk

How do I setup a financial officer in my department?

If you would like to set up a financial officer role for your department please fill out this form (PDF).

It is recommended that a financial officer is set up for every OPT Workflow to thoroughly review the eForm for policy compliance, backup, account code, and PG information. In the case that the primary financial officer is unavailable, it is recommended to set up a secondary financial officer (this is also useful for when the primary officer is out of office/on holidays, as it is not possible to delegate this responsibility if a secondary officer has not been set up).

How will I reconcile my UBC VISA credit card charges?

The UBC VISA card can only be reconciled through the Online Payment Tool. You can learn more on how to reconcile your UBC VISA Card using OPT.

Is there training available for OPT?

The Online Payment Tool (OPT) enables UBC employees to submit and reconcile certain expenses through an electronic routing and approval process. There are four OPT training workshops that are available for registration for end users who would like to get a quick overview of the submission and approval process:

What are the technical requirements to use OPT?

To access the Online Payment Tool, users need to have an:

  • Active Campus Wide Login (CWL ID)
  • Active UBC email (FASmail)
  • Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) entry
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection (if access is required off campus)
  • Internet Explorer as a recommended browser