Accounts Payable - Top Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions about Accounts Payable at UBC. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact the Customer Support Centre.

What is the payment status of my invoice/reimbursement claim?

Contact the Customer Support desk and have the following information ready:

  • Requisition Number (Q/TR-Requisition)
  • OPT eForm ID
  • Purchase Order Invoice
  • Date and method of submission

Who can sign off on transactions?

An authorized signatory must approve and sign all requisitions for payments. In general, the authorized signatories are the Department Manager, P/G Manager, and those listed as authorized signing authorities for the department or P/G.

The authorized signatory must be at least one administrative level higher than the employee requesting the reimbursement (“one-over-one”). The payee/employee cannot sign for his or her own expenses, even if the requisition is made out to a 3rd party.

An administrator cannot authorize employee reimbursements or expenses (even if they have signing authority at the P/G and/or departmental level) unless the direct supervisor (one-over-one) of the claimant has approved and signed the requisition for payment.

Learn more about Signing Authority

How do I purchase/pay for employee or contractor services

Professional, consulting, and contracted services are subject to university competitive tender thresholds. 

Prior to purchasing services, please review the Reference Guide - Determining, Hiring and Paying for Services (PDF).

How do I determine tax applicability and self-assessment?

Visit the Tax and Services Levy page to find out:

  • when and what to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST);
  • when to self-assess GST and PST
  • other tax considerations, including income tax withholdings on payments to non-residents

What are UBC’s policies and expenditure guidelines?

UBC’s Expenditure Guidelines help you determine reasonable and appropriate expenses while conducting university business. Review the documentation here and if you have further questions please connect with the Customer Support Centre.