Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I access the system from off-campus?

Yes. The system is available off-campus but you will have to be connected to UBC’s VPN using a valid CWL ID. If you do not have VPN access please contact your IT support team.

Q: Can I perform fund transfers from within the system?

Yes. Transfers between chartfields in fund G0000 can be completed in Hyperion. These are completed in FundPlan and will be posted to the FMS Central Ledger generally between 2 to 3 business days.

Q: Can I view the Forecast and Approved Plan in FMS?

Yes. The Forecast and Approved Plan are loaded to the Planning ledger. Users need to have an nVision report or use an FMS query to extract data from the table LEDGER_BUDG. Users that want to review the Forecast, the ledger is called FORECAST and for the Approved Plan, the ledger is PLANNING.

Q: Do endowment funds go to paying for salaries?

The endowment does not generally fund the salaries of faculty and staff. However, some endowment funds are used for special research chairs, which includes supporting faculty positions in very specific academic areas.

Q: Do endowment funds pay for other operating costs?

No, the endowment fund is separate from the operating budget and is not used to fund the core activities of the university.

Q: Do you spend the money that is given to you for the endowment?

No, we don’t spend the endowment. The initial amount of money raised, either through donations or through land sales, becomes the principle. We invest the principle and use the money it generates (through interest and dividends) to support the purposes that were specified by donors or by the policies of the board related to land sales.

Q: Does the Hyperion system support Apple Macintosh?

Yes. However, it is recommended that you use Windows for Mac and Internet Explorer 9 to access Hyperion applications. If you are using Mac OS, then please use Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or greater.

Note: SmartView is not supported through Office on Mac.

Q: Does the Sustainable Future Pool answer the call for divestment of fossil fuels made by UBC students and faculty in 2015?

The referenda called for divestment of fossil fuels in the UBC Endowment. It was legally determined that divestment of the UBC Endowment from fossil fuels is inconsistent with UBC’s Responsible Investment Policy and UBC’s fiduciary responsibilities.

The SFP pursues sustainability concepts beyond the progressive strategies already being incorporated in the Main Endowment Pool and will have reduced or no fossil fuel investments (currently it has none) and target lower carbon emissions.

Q: How do I perform transfers between non-G0000 funds?

Transfers for the new G funds (formerly Ancillary and Continuing Studies funds) cannot be done through FundPlan. Transfers from between non-G0000 (e.g. G0001 or G0200) funds must be done as interfund transfers and can be processed in FMS via journal voucher.

Q: How does investment in the Sustainable Future Pool impact the donor’s charitable purpose?

The largest difference is that when making investment decisions, in addition to its fiduciary responsibility to the charitable purpose and an obligation to invest in the best interest of UBC, SFP investment decisions will also consider non-financial standards such as carbon emission.

In addition to this governance difference between the two endowments pools,

  • the SFP currently has a lower spend rate; and
  • terms for the endowment will need to include UBC’s ability to alter the fund’s investment profile if deemed in the best interest of the charitable purpose and UBC.