Banking Procedures

Detailed information for departments and units about UBC banking procedures.

  • Department deposits
  • Obtaining CAD or USD cash receipt deposit forms
  • Preparing the cash receipt deposit form
  • Options for submitting deposits daily
  • Deposits over $250,000
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Incoming wires and direct deposits
  • Foreign currency deposits (except USD)
  • UBC Vancouver off-campus sites deposits
  • Tuition deposits
  • Incoming wires and direct deposits
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  • Cancelling cheques
  • Stopping payment
  • Re-issuing cheques
  • Lost, incorrect or payroll cheques
  • Dealing with undelivered UBC cheques
  • What if stop payment has been applied to an already received cheque?
  • Replacing a stale dated original UBC cheque
  • Payments issued to a Requisition for Payment with an error
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Coinage Accounts
  • Establishing a coinage account
  • Depositing to a coinage account
  • Withdrawing from a coinage account (“making change”)
  • Reconciling a coinage account
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Credit Card Deposits
  • Overview of the process
  • Credit card clearing daily procedures
  • Credit card housekeeping
  • Analyzing credit card deposits monthly procedures
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Imprest Accounts
  • Approval for a new imprest account
  • Establishing a new imprest account
  • Increasing and decreasing the imprest account amount
  • Decreasing the imprest account amount
  • Changing an imprest account signatory
  • Replenishing the imprest account
  • Closing an imprest account
  • Reconciling an imprest account
  • Annual verification of imprest account balances
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Petty Cash
  • Establishing a new petty cash fund
  • Cashing petty cash
  • Decreasing the petty cash amount
  • Replenishing petty cash
  • Reporting stolen or lost petty cash
  • Annual verification of petty cash
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Billing and Receivables
  • Procedures to ensure that accounts receivable are recorded accurately, completely, consistently and in a timely way within each business unit with proper internal controls in place.
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