Updated List of Approved Suppliers Now Available on the Finance Website

Friday, September 25, 2020

The Strategic Sourcing team has created a new space on the Finance website to provide key information on approved suppliers, as well as updated contract details for the UBC community.

Categories are also now available to help users find the information they need with regards to key goods, services, and benefits provided by major suppliers to UBC.

A majority of suppliers on this list have an established contract with UBC, which provides various benefits including:

  • Using contracted suppliers saves time and effort for the customer, as a competitive process (RFx) is not required.
  • Taking advantage of supplier contracts ensures the best overall value to the university in terms of price, quality, delivery capabilities, training, and ease of ordering.
  • UBC has the ability to hold these vendors to account for below standard service delivery, reducing contractual risk.
  • Users can take advantage of favorable contractual terms and conditions.

For more information visit the Categories and Suppliers page.