Updated Credit Card Request Forms in Workday

Friday, June 03, 2022

Financial Operations and the ISC have recently updated two Credit Card request forms in Workday: Credit Card Request | Limit Change and Credit Card Request | Application.

Why the Change

In response to feedback from the community and a review of possible updates to the current credit card processes, changes have been made to the forms to enhance the end-user experience when submitting credit card requests.

Utilizing a Workday feature, follow-up questions that target the most common reasons for requests being sent back have been added to help reduce the number of revised requests.

This change is expected to improve clarity on requirements when initiating requests and minimize the need to adjust requests after submissions.

What has changed?

Credit Card Request | Limit Change

  • Requestor is now asked to select a reason for requesting a transactional credit limit change.
  • Improved guidance around attaching backup documents.

Credit Card Request | Application

  • Requestor is now asked to select a location for receiving the card.
  • Added and improved the questions to ensure requestors clearly reference the credit card policies in the updated Business Expense rules.