Tip: How to search for a supplier in Workday

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Before requesting a new supplier, you should always check if the supplier profile exists in Workday or if the profile is simply inactive.

To view a supplier on Workday, you can enter their name or supplier ID in the search bar or the “Find Supplier” Workday report. Refer to the “Find Supplier” guide in the Workday Knowledge Base (CWL required).

In cases where there are suppliers with similar or same names, please use the “Duplicate Tax ID” shortcut to verify SIN or GST number in Workday, which will generate all supplier profiles connected to that tax ID.

We recommend always verifying the supplier through their Tax ID (SIN or GST) if the information is available; otherwise, you can verify their contact information (i.e. address, email and/or phone number) on file.

If the supplier is inactive in Workday, please submit a Supplier Change Request - Non-Contact Info to reactive the supplier profile (CWL required).