New IPO Infrastructure Database

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Submitted by Vicki Ferguson and Sharon Wu

To encourage collaboration and shared resources among researchers, the UBC Institutional Programs Office (IPO) and UBC IT have launched the IPO Infrastructure Database

This online database serves as an inventory for specific research infrastructure at UBC campuses and hospital sites. The database includes location and contact information so that researchers—both internal and external to UBC—can see what equipment may be available. This enables researchers to maximize the use of grant-funded infrastructure, and allows centres that collect user fees as revenue to list available equipment. 
While many researchers have provided information for the database, the database is an ongoing work-in-progress. Currently, only Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)-funded infrastructure is featured and the intention is to add even more. 

The CFI Facilities Navigator is a similar online directory that encourages sharing of CFI-funded infrastructure across participating research labs and facilities in Canada that are open to working with businesses and other collaborators.

More information, including the database user manual, can be found on the VP Research website. For questions or requests to gain access, email the UBC Institutional Programs Office.