Financial Operations Launches Customer Support Centre

Monday, April 15, 2019

If you’re looking for help with procurement or accounts payable, setting up a vendor, or a wealth of other UBC financial activities, you can now access the new Customer Support Centre team in Financial Operations.

The dedicated helpdesk opened on April 15, and includes two full-time employees tasked with supporting UBC faculty and staff with financial processes and activities related to work on campus. 

“We have more than 16,000 faculty and staff here at UBC, and many of them have roles that require the navigation of complex financial activities to support the excellence in research and teaching that our university is known for,” said Executive Director of Finance Trish Pekeles. “We’re incredibly pleased to be able to offer this kind of dedicated support team to our community to ensure that we’re enabling their success.”

The Financial Operations team has a diverse and far-reaching set of responsibilities, from procuring medical equipment that saves lives, to operating credit card programs that UBC administration and faculty use around the world. The Customer Support Centre will specifically assist the faculty and staff community with issues relating to procurement, accounts payable, vendors, credit card programs, and brokerage. 

The Customer Support Centre is the latest development in a longer project to modernize procurement at UBC. The service provided by the CSC will complement the recent addition of Buyers and Procurement Partners, who work locally with faculties and administrative units to provide expertise and support with buying and paying for goods and services. 

For more information visit the Customer Support Centre page on the UBC Finance website, or contact Jennifer Brunt at