Finance COVID-19 Safety Plans

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

UBC's central finance teams are distributed across a variety of facilities, and COVID-19 Safety Plans have been prepared for each of them.

The central finance teams are part of the Vice-President Finance & Operations (VPFO) portfolio, and the VPFO COVID-19 Safety Plan acts as a parent plan for each of these departments. The Safety Plans include a review of operational activities and directives to ensure effective controls are in place to prevent the infection from COVID-19. Teams who work in these areas have been provided with copies of the Safety Plans, but if you are visiting these facilities please review the following documents to ensure you are aware of local safety protocols.

Vice-President, Finance & Operations (VPFO): As the central finance teams are part of the VPFO, all local safety plans are informed by the VPFO Parent Safety Plan. View here.

VPFO Administrative Areas, including Old Administrative Building Rm 224 (Treasury), Gerald McGavin Builiding Rm 200 (Financial Reporting), and Koerner Library 6th Floor (Comptroller, Treasury): View here.

Finance & Operational Excellence: 5th Floor, TEF3 - 6190 Agronomy Road. View Safety Plan.

Integrated Service Centre: FERIC Building - 2601-2665 East Mall. View Safety Plan.

Financial Operations (Accounts Payable): Wesbrook Satellite Office - 5958 Webber Lane. View Safety Plan.


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