FDM Change Request Blackout Dates for FY2025 Quarter Ends

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

To allow for successful Quarter End closures for FY2025, the following FDM changes will not be made during these blackout dates:

  • Jul 8 to Jul 19, 2024 (Q1)
  • Oct 4 to Oct 16, 2024 (Q2)
  • Jan 7 to 15, 2025 (Q3)
  • April 7 to 25, 2025 (Year-End)

Change Request Types Covered by the Blackout:

  • New Funds
  • New Ledger Accounts
  • New Spend and Revenue Categories (including relevant hierarchies)
  • New Cost Center and Cost Center Hierarchy (CCH) requests, including modification requests that require Financial Reporting approval
  • Approval of new worktags for Gifts, Gift Initiatives, Programs and Projects under the following fund codes:
    • FD300 Specific Purpose
    • FD400 Scholarships and Bursaries
    • FD500 Capital Activities | Unrestricted
    • FD550 Capital Activities | Restricted
    • FD8xx Endowment

If you have an urgent request for the above quarter end periods, please indicate this when you submit the FDM change request in Workday and it will be assessed.