Congratulations to the winner of UBC Payroll’s online T4 switch contest!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

This January UBC’s Payroll team encouraged faculty, staff, and student employees to opt for accessing their annual T4 tax slips online, as opposed to receiving a paper copy. As part of this initiative, more than 1500 members of the UBC community made the sustainable switch, eliminating the impact made by printing, packaging, and posting these forms. As a thank you to those who switched to online tax slips Payroll randomly selected one lucky winner to receive an iPad as a prize. Congratulations go to Kudzanai Nyamayaro, a graduate TA in the Department of Chemistry.

It’s no coincidence that Kudzanai, who came to UBC from South Africa’s Cape Peninsula Institute of Technology, made the switch to eliminate his paper form – his field of research is inherently connected to sustainability. The first-year PhD student is studying biodegradable polymers and bio-derived electronics with a view to reducing electronic waste. “UBC’s moving in the right direction in reducing their paper footprint,” he said.








UBC’s Manager of Payroll Control and Operations Iuliana Gafincu with winner Kudzanai Nyamayaro.