Changes to UBC’s Hourly Payroll Process

Monday, March 30, 2020

In order to ensure the timely processing of UBC’s hourly payroll, given the impact of COVID-19 measures, the university’s Payroll team has established a new process to eliminate the need for paper timesheets to collect, approve, and process hours for UBC employees.
UBC Payroll is asking department/unit/faculty managers who are responsible for collecting, approving, and submitting hourly employee timesheets to use the newly-created spreadsheet process for the next three pay periods (as opposed to paper timesheets). The process will then be reassessed for future pay periods.
Submission dates for the next three pay periods are as follows:

The spreadsheet has been distributed to campus contacts who are responsible for managing hourly payroll. If you did not receive a copy, or require further information about the process, please reach out to your Payroll Representative who assists you with payroll-related matters, or a member of the Payroll Management team listed on the Contact Payroll page.

Important Note: This does not apply to those business units/departments/faculties that send an electronic file to Payroll. These hours will continue to be processed as normal.